Integrated Synergy Therapeutics

I would like to introduce a new program to learn a practical treatment system, designed for the post-graduate practitioner of Oriental medicine.

This method, called Integrated Synergy Therapeutics (IST), is based on my own experience as a practitioner.

  • Despite starting my business after graduating, I didn’t see many patients coming and I felt little confidence in my abilities
  • I felt the limitations of my education when a patient didn’t precisely match a TCM pattern
  • I sought to know the best way to prescribe and modify an herbal formula
  • I searched for an instantaneous and effective method using a few needles and is painless, with results I could immediately confirm

If you have had similar experiences and wishes, please participate in this program!  I believe that this method can help the practitioner be successful, and you will see more happy patients.  That is why I founded this school.

-IST: Quick Relief Acupuncture-

  • Less than 8 needles with immediate feedback
  • 24 Acupuncture points to choose from
  • Palpatory-skill basis diagnosis
  • Achieve 50-90% pain relief in a visit
  • Vital Energy Muscle (VEM) Technique to validate herbal prescription

This textbook is the first step in learning this novel concept. The accompanying DVD is a wonderful supplement to your learning, as well as evidence of the efficacy of this treatment applied on real patients in my clinic. I recommend that you read this short textbook and attend the first course, to see if this method is indeed what you are searching for.

Treatment Videos